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Get Started

The first thing you’ll need to do is head to our shop and order the Hott Shott set that’s right for you. We offer several options including the Standard Set, the Fundraiser Set, and the League Set. The Standard Set offers the complete set of discs as well as replacement discs for each color as well as the target.

The League set includes 4 sets of discs and 4 targets perfect for boy scout troops or other organizations who would like to have enough sets for the entire group. Check out our shop now and place your order today!

Set Up

Set-up with Hott Shott is quick and easy. Start by placing your target in area where you will have at least 25′ of room in a single direction. Next measure 4 feet from the target and place your Red disc.  You will then measure 4 more feet and place your white disks. Repeat this process following the order of “Red, White, Blue, Yellow, Purple and Black.

And now you’re ready to play your first inning of Hott Shott Disc Golf. You’ll be on the leader boards in no time.

buy hott shott golf online
hott shott golf leaderboards


Scoring your Hott Shott round is even easier than the set up. Start at the Red station and move to the next once you have thrown all discs from the station. For each disc that remains in the target you gain points depending on color. Reference the chart below for  the point values. Math not your strong suit? Don’t forget to use our handy scorecard app which will make the process even easier.
scoring hottshot

Compare Your Score

Think you scored a solid round? Use our leader boards to compare against others in your city, state, or even globally. Keep practicing your game, and maybe one day you can reach our top 10 and be featured on the Hott Shott front page.

Don’t forget: the Hott Shott leader boards are still in beta. Soon you’ll be able to attend events and have your scores entered into our database so you can show off your skills. If you want to find out more as soon as it’s live, don’t forget to join our Mailing List below.